PETS has an exceptional lodging structure.

Our lodging is done in a warm, pleasant and clean environment, so your pet does not miss you!

We offer ample kennels in the external area in masonry, railings and a covered area that serves as a shelter and an uncovered area.

If the client prefers that his pet may be in individual cages inside the clinic, which perfectly accommodates small animals, will also have this option.

Every animal has the right to stay with our Pet Sitters.

The offered feeding is dry food of excellent quality.


All animals in the hotel are loose, individually, for walks in local lawn three times a day, which makes them very comfortable to make their needs.

This routine can be modified in advance with the owner.

We look for to respect the habits of each guest and, for this, we count on the contribution of the owner, who must give us he’s routine and, therefore, make the stay as pleasant as possible.


We demand an updated vaccination card and the guest must be in perfect health and free from ectoparasites.

The control of ectoparasites in the hotel is rigorous, using appropriate fungicidal products.

Any animal, upon entering in our kennel or lodging, passes through a thorough consultation.

Being Obligator:

Complete vaccination;
Control of fleas and ticks.

All this for our customers enjoy their trips as well, without worrying about anything, and find their friend beautiful, healthy and happy.